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We pride ourselves on being “Best-in-Class.”

To our Restaurant Partners

If you are seeking ways to improve your patrons’ beverage experience, consider Dirty Pelican. Our Premium Organic Mixers allow you to Elevate &/or Expand your cocktail & mocktail menu by: offering best-in-class cocktails (simply add spirit or seltzer) or by expanding your existing menu to offer Michelin-Quality Skinny & Organic creations.

To our Retail Partners

You have loyal customers that value your inventory and expect that you always have the best in stock. Dirty Pelican allows you to expand your mixer selection to offer high-end restaurant recipes, bottled to perfection. If your customers will enjoy a first-class, non-alcoholic organic mixer for both cocktails and mocktails, consider Dirty Pelican.

To Our Event Venue Partners

Your venue pays attention to every detail, helping your events be the ‘talk of the town.’ Why not let your cocktail/mocktail menu be another reason you stand out? Dirty Pelican can help elevate your cocktail menu to fit the classiest events.

To add Dirty Pelican to your offerings, give us a call.

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