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Cocktails Deserve to be Amazing

We started Dirty Pelican because we are cocktail/mocktail snobs (at least we admit it!) and all the options out there for non-alc mixers were absolutely terrible!

To make it even worse, for the sober curious, the non-alc spirit segment is flooded with products that taste so bad, their sales pitch is literally to "mix them." They are basically saying "buy Dirty Pelican because our stuff is so bad, you need to cover it up with something worth drinking."

So we took matters into our own hands. Dirty Pelican can be used for both cocktails & mocktails. They taste amazing by themselves with ice, with club soda/seltzer or mixed with your spirit of choice.

Perfect for the cocktail lover, the occasional sober curious and everyone in between.

If you don't love our products, call my cell phone and we will make it right!

With Pride, Bryan & Malvina


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